Friday, September 5, 2008

Review: Silent Hill (The Movie)

Watch the preview of the movie:

Some reviewer somewhere called the Silent Hill movie, the best looking bad movie ever. Basically the movie loses the viewer with the plot but the special effects, costumes and cinematography keep you watching.

Silent Hill is an excellent video game series. The main character has to face trials and tribulations in a surreal world as ridiculous looking monsters attack him or her.

Now, of course, to move the game along, strange keys would turn up in strange places to open strange (seemingly out of place) doors. Also maps would appear places and no one would tell you why they were there or who put them there. You don't question these things in a video game. You just move the character along to the next door or the next destination on the map.

Can this translate to a movie? The director thought so and the critics thought not. It just doesn't work. There are holes in the plot big enough to stick a fire poker through, and the end of the film leaves a gigantic question (not the type that inspires sequels).

Regardless, the monsters are amazing looking and the camera shots are excellent. Someone deserves praise for the cinematography. The acting--given what the people were told to say--isn't bad at all.

Basically Silent Hill is a Ferrari with a bum engine. You'll look at the car for a long time, but when you try to drive? No dice.

Is it worth watching? Yes.

It's worth watching twice just to wrap your eyes around the incredible visuals which, thankfully, let you to forget the plot.

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