Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Review: Motorola RAZR V9 phone

You know that feeling when you're about to get a new gadget?
I saw the picture of the Motorola RAZR V9 online and for some reason really liked the idea that it rumbles when you push a side button. Something called tactile response.

Here is a picture of the V9 as it looks when I bought it:

(Here is the official profile that makes it sound like a godsend.)

Now here is the phone as it is:


On this "Music Phone" you are not allowed to assign a song as a ringtone even though the phone is basically an iPod (after you buy a memory card, of course).

AT&T makes it as hard as possible to add your own ringtone, install your own programs and just mess with YOUR phone in general. If you want to do all that they are going to charge you.

Fortunately I'm smart enough (and have the time) to figure out that I need to cut my songs, to play on MY phone, to less than 30 seconds and a small file size.

Am I happy with it? Kinda. I needed a new phone, and the v9 at least gives me something to worry about scratching.

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