Wednesday, September 17, 2008

MUSE: The Romance of the World of Warcraft

Behold! A virtual bear that took dozens of hours to make!

Have you ever heard of World of Warcraft addiction?

A man told me a story about his teenage daughter running into the woods crying when she was told she couldn't play WoW anymore.

I think it exists. The game is so fucking... addictive.

The game is like a gambling addiction. You kill a monster, there is a percentage chance the dead monster has money. The player (me) values the money becuase it can buy things like new clothing and armor which make it easier to kill more monsters.

Fortunately for me I'm not a gambling addict and I get sick of the game very quickly. Tonight is one such night. I'll play again--with friends--but until then WoW is going on the back burner.

Sorry lover, you're boring alone. Lets bring in some friends, have a couple drinks and play computer games for 12 hours straight.

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