Wednesday, September 17, 2008

REVIEW: Seeqpod

Use it before more companies sue it:

It advertises itself a search engine that lets you search the Internet for playable media as opposed to the web page searches that Google is most popular for.

Seeqpod's main attraction is the music search and fortunately the Seeqpod Web site has a music player built right in. You can drag and drop the search results to create a playlist. There is even a "random" and "repeat all" function built in.

Make an account and the next time you sign onto Seeqpod the playlists and the songs are still there. It's almost as if you own the music.

Seeqpod doesn't help you download the music it finds, it only streams it from the websites.

The dubious legality of this is being tested by Warner Brothers, but until Seeqpod is crushed by corporate legal action you might as well check it out.

My main complaint is that you can't control the bass or trebble of the songs. Otherwise, the sound quality is just as good as if you had the
MP3 on your hard drive.

The music player (Right) is built into the website. You don't own the music, but it sure is easy to play.

Note: I have no used Seeqpod to search out or play copyrighted material. The above screen shot is not an exception.

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