Friday, September 19, 2008

REVIEW: Shaving my face

Being a guy I need to shave my face everyday. So I need to use a razor. What type of razor? The cheapest of course. That would be a bic.

This bic razor. Pack of a shitload and only $1.99 who wouldn't buy?
I would buy, and I did.

But I noticed a problem. The bics suck. The disposable razor blade is basically like a nail file that I rub against my face hoping it will peal off the hair.

$1.99 mispent. I totally should have paid for the $5.99 razor.

But overall the product...

pro: it reminds me of how it was to shave for my grandfather in the 1950s

con: it reminds me how it was to shave for my grandfather who was an alcoholic and killed himself before I was born.

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