Sunday, September 27, 2009

MUSE: The question of the cuffed sweater

So, I gots me a brand new sweater. Picked it up for not cheap at Macy's yesterday. It fits well, if-I-do-say-so myself.

But, alas, as with everything good and holy in this world--there is something wrong!

I'm not sure about the cuffs on the sweater. Or the wrist area, or whatever. I think it looks girly!

When I wear it: my walk to the store, becomes a "prance to the shop." My cold becomes "the sniffles" and anyone wearing a sports jersey seems to look at me and, just a little, smirk.

Or it's all in my head. Regardless, if my deluisions/observations continue through the next few days. My brand new, nice, Macy's bought sweater may become closet padding.

And to think... there are some people in African don't have sweaters...

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