Monday, September 28, 2009

MUSE: One plus two equals twelve

So, it's that special time of year when I realize I am 12 months
closer to death.
That's right: it's my birthday.
Looking back on the past year I'd like to say that it feels 'just like yesterday' that I moved to Boston and started getting in the swing of all things city, and the sour of being somewhat independent.

You could probably have feasted on my ambition12 months ago--I was so
pie eyed. I believed--or at least chose to believe--that by moving to a city my life would change: friends would flock to me, the women would swoon and my career would naturally form.

How little did I know. You see, the struggle to find a job you like
doesn't end at the boundaries of the city, it begins in the center.

And so, here I am, 12 months later. Chipping away, trying to get to the center.

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