Saturday, April 18, 2009

Review: Jungle Joose - 3 outa 5 fetas

Horrible. Ack, horrible. They sell this in a can? How can it taste this bad?

I mean it looks like an energy drink, and those taste good. Right?

And then you read the (cool looking) packaging: 9.9% alcohol. Also it's caffeinated.

It's like something from college. From one of those "Jungle Juice" parties where someone made fruit punch and dumped a bottle of hard alcohol in. Which is fitting, because it is named "Jungle Joose."

Don't let the name fool you: the double O in "Joose" doesn't mean it tastes any better, but the cool can, caffeine and hand-held 23.5 oz. dose doesn't mean the experience of drinking it is any worse.

And I loved my college parties.

(Sold at Blanchards on Harvard Ave. in Allston. Other places, I imagine.)

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Sean said...

Wut!? i think its pretty good! lmao