Saturday, January 3, 2009

WHAT TO DO: Old screen names and Google

What to do: search your old screen name in Google.

For example if your IM name in 7th grade was "Immahog72" type that into Google and see what comes up.

What I found:

Google gave me a link to an old blog I thought a dear friend of mine had long abandoned. Turns out he was writing in it until 2007. Here is an excerpt:

when i was little i used to think he was invincible. lately im begining to see who my dad really is. he is a lonely, depressed man with issues that require professional help.


he started to get violent and raising his voice. he left my room and went downstairs and grabbed another beer. when he did this i hid the shotgun and the keys to the car.

Moral of the lesson: Your friend's problems are worse than yours.

Happy new year.

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