Thursday, September 11, 2008

REVIEW/MUSE: Californicate on this

So OnDemand now offers the first season of Californication for free. In the first four episodes it is a story of a substance user writer with writer's block. One of his books was made into a movie he hates becuase it tore up the original idea. Sort of like the original writing of the show is censored even though it doesn't need to be. The most noticeable thing that is censored are the swears.

Below is the swear word and then the censored word. Pretty funny.

Blowjob = Toejob (This is a good one--when the woman goes down on camera she is going for his toes)
Fucking around = Funning around
Pussy = Poochie/Pa-poochie
Mother fucker = Scum sucker/Mother humper
Fuck you = Forget you
Piece of shit = Piece of prison tail
What the fuck? = What the cluck?/Watch the fist!
Sex = "The love" (As in: Oh my, you've had the love?)
Jesus Christ = Jeezum rice

The show has that same addictive quality of entourage when I just keep saying to myself"I wish I were that cool" about the main character. But it also suffers from the fact that a character can only sleep with so many women before it becomes annoying to watch so much simulated sex. Plus, no one can screw that much.

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