Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Review: Swingtown

I got bored and didn't write a good review. Google one, or just watch the show for yourself here.

When I first saw "Swingtown," a CBS show about respectable middle class swingers living in the mid-70s, I said to myself: "This show will never survive."

I thought the characters would walk around gagged, empty and forever the victims of FCC regulations. I thought the writers wouldn't have anything to work with if they couldn't directly exploit the show's namesake. I thought that if the show was constantly dancing around risque story ideas yet never going to full monty, it would suck.

Well I was wrong: it's a great show. But I was also right: it's being canceled.

The ratings dropped and CBS has lost interest. The corporation is showing it off to cable networks hoping to find a taker, if not, swing town has swung. If a cable network grabs the show it will be a blessing becuase it won't face the same FCC regulations, which will let it dance around in the PG-14 area of Mad Men.

I had a whole review planned out. But what's the point?

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