Saturday, May 14, 2011

Someone smashed the doors, no one knows who

Strange things afoot in my demented part of the world.

Someone broke all the locks at my school. Of seven classrooms, seven classrooms have doors that were clearly forced open--rather--kicked open, fracturing the frame but opening the door. One of the doors has it's frame laying in the class room.

All these sharp bits of metal that became exposed when someone decided to kick their way into my school's locked classrooms would normally be considered a dangerous hazard, but this is China. And if a kid slashes out his eyeball, or a teacher slicing up her arm--that's their problem, right? And it's been left this way for weeks.

My drive for answers as to why--what was either a thief, or every teacher I know being absolutely desperate to get into empty classrooms--came into the school and smashed down the doors, hasn't yielded anything.

Me: "Hey, the door is broken? The door in the classroom down the hall is broken in to. Why?"

They: "Yeah. Haha. It is broken.

Me:  "Who did it?"

They: "Haha, I don't know.

Me: "Was it a thief? Who would break down the doors?"

They: "Haha. No thief. I don't know what happened."

And that's the explanation I'm given for why every classroom door was forcefully kicked in. No more locking the doors during the class, we close them with chairs. Awesome

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