Monday, April 11, 2011

They gave me pills and I made this

I have always had trouble sleeping. Recently I told a Chinese pharmacy this. Results were surprising.

I took the medicine and tried to answer creative writing questions, before finally drifting off to sleep.

My answer range of the interesting and creative:

Prompt:1. You’re digging in your garden and find a fist-sized nugget of gold.
“It’s a fucking dragon’s tooth!”
“Don’t swear in front of the children,” she says curtly. She balances her lemonade in one hand, and squints in the beaming summer sun. I stand up and she handles the dragon’s tooth.
“Well, isn’t this something,” she says.
“It sure is. It’s a f—fuh, a dragons tooth.”
“John, you sound like a child when you talk about this thing.”
“Fine, give it back to me,” I say taking it from her clean, white hands with primed nails. “I’m going to go show it to Bob. He knows about these things.”
“Ok dear,” Mary says, “You want pork chops or unicorn for dinner?”
To something that is more of a recording of random synapses firing and text coming out of my fingers:

Twinkling lost teeth, beneath the frothing sun as I kissed my wife upon her still, cold lips and whispered my love.

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