Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eating my food before buying more. This sucks.

A few weeks ago I read a news story about how much money people could save if they just ATE all the food they BOUGHT before it went bad.

So, having no job, I said to myself "I shall follow this news story's advice." It went well for a few days. I ate some old (but not bad) bread, made sure I used up all the peanut butter. Ate macroni and cheese. Did away with the sandwich meats.

Then, for a midnight snack tonight, I got down to just the Raman noodles and the pasta sauce.

I did half a flavor packet in the Raman and cut up some garlic before mixing it with the pasta suase.

Anyway, I'm full. And my fridge is almost bare!

My goal is to make it to Thursday without buying more food. After Thursday I should have thanksgiving leftovers. Those might last a while. What do I eat tomorrow? And Wednesday? Sighhh....

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