Thursday, September 3, 2009

New lights

So, into a new room. And I'm in a new room. And I live in a new place. More space in my new place in my new room.

Like any self-respecting aspiring interior designer I took to the blank canvas of my new room with gusto!

I wanted to go with something... international.

Italian? Fine art-beh! too expensive.

English? I'd need to buy a humidifier and a fog machine.

Spanish? These walls are pretty thin and a bull would smash them up.

French? Screw France.

And finally, I settled on:

DUTCH. Netherlands. Namely Amsterdam. Red Light district.

And so I wake every morning and say to myself: "Oh God, what happened last...? My money is gone...? Oh God..."

Of course I don't think they used rope lights in Amsterdam.

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