Saturday, August 22, 2009

Interesting thing of the moment

The first words out of every idiot on the street seems to be something about health care.

Of course, the only news source I've found that has broken down the issue intelligibly is from a foreign country.

Check out this graph:

Also take a gander at the rest of the BBC article if you have a moment.

My thoughts:

So we have cold hard numbers. Other countries with socialist health care systems have populations that live longer. Those other countries also spend LESS money per person on healthcare. Keep in mind when they count American stats they count people who AREN'T even insured, meaning that the US spends a ridiculous amount of money caring for the people lucky enough to be covered while still maintaining a smaller life span.

These aren't twisted numbers, it's stuff the US gov't puts out.

But, then again, the US does have some of the best specialists in the world. The US is also a hotbed of revolutionary medical treatments.

I guess our system is a double edged sword. I just hope giving universal health care won't dull the blade.

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