Saturday, September 13, 2008

MUSE: Online Identity

So I'm looking for a job and I've been thinking about something. Now that I'm finally out in the real world looking for a real job do I need to worry about the stuff about me that I've put up on the internet?

I don't have a MySpace and my Facebook is marked private. So the main thing I need to worry about is this blog.

Everything on this blog has been--and in all likelihood will remain--relatively tame, but that might not matter. According to the April 2008 issue of Reader's Digest someone didn't get a job becuase thier e-mail address was "imsotired".

What if a potential employer sees that I tried to design a haunted house after drinking, or that I spent hours figuring out what swear were being censored in on Californication. Surely that is grounds for not hireing me.

The Readers Digest article was called Click and Clean by Andy Simmons. This paragraph caught my eye:
[Young people] don't always grasp the fact that first impressions are often last impressions. They figure, I'm a good person, I'm a smart person, and eventually everyone will see that. "Teachers will give you the benefit of the doubt," Norman says. "But employers aren't rushing to do that.
The basically sums up my attitude, believing people will eventually see the good in me. Maybe I should change.

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